How to Keep Carpets Clean

If you have carpets at your store or office, you will be wondering how to keep them clean. The issue with carpets is they can get dirty very easily. Hiring commercial carpet cleaning services in Greenville is one option, but what are some others? Here are ways to keep carpets clean.

– Vacuum carpet regularly.

This is one of the easiest ways to keep carpet clean, and it’s also free! You can easily vacuum your carpet yourself for a frequent cleaning. Plus, you’ll know exactly how much dirt you are getting out of it.

Just make sure you thoroughly vacuum all carpeting in the room at least once a month and spot clean when possible (depending on traffic). Hit high use areas more often such as entryways and around desks.

Not only will vacuuming remove pet hair and dirt, but it will smooth your carpet fibers over time which will extend its life. If pets live in your home or frequent your store/office then be certain to consider investing in an upright steam cleaner that can accommodate carpet-cleaning.

– Clean carpeting when stains appear.

commercial carpet cleaning services in Greenville

Many carpet cleaning companies offer a carpet cleaning service for deep carpet cleanings and stain removal, but you can do this yourself at home with carpet cleaner and water or even club soda! Spot treat a carpet stain with water or club soda to help remove the carpet stain right away before it has time to seep into your carpet fibers.

If you are using carpet shampooer make sure not to saturate the area since it can cause fading.  Use carpet shampoo in a well-ventilated room so that carpet doesn’t end up smelling like chemicals. If you do not want to use carpet cleaning solution on your carpet, then club soda is a good natural alternative and will help remove carpet stains!