How To Level A Door When It Settles

When we purchase a house we expect it to be the best that it can be and that we shouldn’t start having issues. However, the older the house, the more work we will have to do on it. One of the more common problems you may encounter are settling doors.

Who to hire to fix your issues?

You can hire a professional or you can look at getting a local handyman in asheville, nc to do it. With a handyman you can get someone who will be willing to do extra work as needed, a professional will typically work for a large company with more rules and regulations.

How to level a sagging door?

To fix most doors you will need to adjust the hinges and then tighten them. If they are completely off track, then you might have to do more extensive work.

Start by determining which direction is lower, it’s usually easier to see with a door completely open. Then move the hinge back toward that direction slightly so that there is less of a gap. If the door is sagging in the middle then you may need to adjust both sides.

Remove the door

local handyman in asheville, nc

You will want to remove the door from the hinges and examine it. In some cases, the door is fine but the frame is warped. You will want to readjust and relevel the area. This can be a simple job with a few shims, or it could be a more severe issue where the entire house is settling, and you need to fix from the foundation.

Shave the door

A quick fix is to shave the door. When you shave the door you are making it smaller so it won’t hit the frame. This is typically a quick fix. You need to find the source of the issue address that.